History of Mennonite English Senior Secondary School

Mennonite English Senior Secondary school C. G. stands for the glory of god and to serve mankind through education.

The School has been providing the best opportunities to students to grow, to teach life survival skill and to grow and strong. The school has been striving to be excellent both academically and in the fields of extracurricular activities which are relevant factors for all round development.

Mennonite English Senior Secondary school is situated in the heart of the city with wide area. It had started in 1974 in small building with 10 students of kindergarten. It was inaugurated with great efforts of Mrs. K. Martin and Mrs. Malagar (In spirit in love).

There were only few students whose names are- Shashi Malagar, Rubina Dutta, Rupam Nathan, Amardeep Anand, Rupesh Rajput and there were only 2 teachers Mrs. Satyavati Malager, Mrs. Dutta. These students cleared the first batch in 1986 Class-11th through M. P. Board. During this period Mr. Keshaw Rao was the Principal of the school.

The school had been running with three different buildings Pre-Primary, Primary, and High School with the need of time the school has been centralized in new building.

The new building with only 6 rooms was inaugurated on 7th sep. 1987 by honorable Shri Arjun Singh the Minister of Communication Government of India, during this period Mr. S. K. Harishchandra  (In spirit in love) was the Principal. Now we are having 48 rooms fully equipped. 

CBSE Affiliation of school was done under the guidance of G. O. Harishchandra in 1996.  New subjects of Commerce, Physical Education, Home Science, and Computer were also introduced.

  • ·Computer Lab was dedicated and inaugurated on 23rd November 2000 by Mr. John F. Lapp (USA)
  • ·The school has well equipped library.
  • ·We have separate for Music activities. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home science separate labs are there to facilitated the education.
  • ·The school is under the observation of CCTV.
  • ·We are running 06 Buses for the convenience of students coming from four different districts.
  • ·Our students have shown out standings results in different activities. Academic wise students have been given merit awards by CBSE.
  • ·During 2003 Republic day celebration one of our student had represented as a best cadet in N.C.C. from M.P. and C. G. Zone.
  • ·Students have played nationals in indoor and outdoor games.
  • ·Students have represented the school in Internationals also.
  • ·In a nut Shell the school has become well disciplined under the guidance of chairman, Manager, Secretary, Principal, Vice-Principal and staff.